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She is gone
you may cry for she is gone
grieve for days, months, years, and never move on
or we can smile because she has lived and was ours
we can close our eyes and pray for her to come back
or we can open our eyes and see she has left to a better place
our hearts may feel empty because we can't feel or see her
but we can fill the emptiness with love we have shared for her
we can remember her and only that shes gone
or we may cherish her memory and let it live on
we can cry, close our minds, be empty, and turn our backs
or we can do what she would have wanted
smile, open our eyes, love and go on...
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 1 0
missing you
loving you
biting you
threatening you
holding you
squeezing you
wanting you
in a world of little light for me
You came out of know where
I've been looking for you and i finally found you
before i thought of life as pointless
and i dreamed of the day when i could be at peace
in the dark soil in which many lay
for if i ever made you leave me
once again my world would crumble
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 1 0
How could you
how could i lose such a person
how could i be so blind
how could i ever forgive you
no words can describe how i now feel about you
but what you did to me i cant belive
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For you i hold
this fragile thing i hold in my hand
is small and a little bit twisted
this thing i give to you i wish for you to love it forever
dont let it fall
dont lose it
keep it for you and no one else
for this thing in my hand is my heart
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 0 0
Peace within me
Ripping my hair off
Crying on the floor
Is this what I’ve come to
have I finally broken down to little pieces
My world is crumbling
My soul and heart is locked far away in a box
As for me I hope to lie in the earth
And let the cool soil dissolve me
Ive finally found my peace
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 1 3
Have you ever?
Have you ever?
Have you ever hated yourself?
Or cried you’re self to sleep
Have you ever went to sleep and hoped never to wake up
Day dreamed of flying far away to start over
Have you ever tried to end your life?
So that you can stop breathing
Pain hurts so much
And some times I don’t know what to do
I’ve tried crying but I just feel weaker
Dreaming is the only way to escape
But when your eyes open what can you do?
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 1 4
i run from you, me, love, hate
i run from me
i run from you
i run from love
i run from hate
i run from the fear of losing you
and yet i run from coming closer to you
can you not see how i feel
do i hide my true emotions for you well
or do you ignore them with a smile
and pretend like theres nothing between us
if i told you that i loved you  
would you feel shocked
or do you already know
ill keep running then
for i feel like i cant tell you
how i feel
so ill run from you, me, love, hate
and the chance of us every being together
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 2 2
Cant Stand
I stand here alone
and will always be alone
it hurts to be crushed
and always feel so weak
the pain in me keeps growing
and I cant stop it
so shall I jump
shall I end this pain
I cant find a way out of this darkness
its like im trapped in a box
that keeps getting smaller and smaller
theres no room for me to stand
so whats the point in trying
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 0 15
Your the one...
your the one who drys these tears
your the one who drains my fears
your the one who will always be there
and i am the one who loves you and always will
and deep in my heart i no that you do too
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 0 7
  my heart cracked
and gently swayed on the floor
please ex-love leave me be
i am so weak and can barley walk
and who is there to blame but you
all you have done is sucked my light
into a deep and darkend hole
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 0 2
Rag doll
Rag Doll
  i am a rag doll
always thrown on the floor
to be left all alone in a cold world
throw me againts the wall
break all my bones
what would i care
i am just a stupid rag doll
always being thrown around
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 0 3
i loath you with a strong passion
that is bubbling deep inside of me
i wish i could burn your whole fashion
and stomp on you like a bee
you utterly disgust me with your crocked smile
your face is disformed and makes me sick
and when your mother 1st saw you she said you were vial
you are so weak and needs to man up
how dare you treat me like a toy
play with me when you like then throw me away
some day i hope you boil
but you will probly look the same
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 0 15
i dont know where i am
i dont know who i am
no one knows me cause im lost who are you
who am i
we are all lost
Desiree Burdick
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 1 1
lies from you to me
every word you say is a lie
every time you breath lies spill out of your mouth
you exhale lies
you inhale lies
now every time you speak to me your lies fill my ears
why do people like you lie
are you afraid of the truth
can you not say one truthful thing to anyone
the truth hurts love
but lies kill.....
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 3 1
i wish we never met
i wish we never met
tear stained pillows
heart broken feelings
over some one i will never have
its such a shame on how many nights i cried for you
but you did not hear me
id covered my face so you could not see my sadness inside
and painted it over with a smile
but inside it hurts so much
i wish we never met
so my life could go back to normal
Desiree Burdick
:iconlemonbar7:lemonbar7 1 5
i can see through your mask
i can see through your mask
the anger in me rises
i wish i could wipe your smile away
you think i cant see through your mask
you thought you had every one fooled
but oh you were wrong
your lies shall catch up to you some day
and ill be there watching with your mask in my hands
Desiree Burdick
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Death Valentine
My love for her is like no other
A love that looks like it can murder
And death cannot seperate her from me
For she will be mine even as corpse body
Now this dark love has manifested and turned into an obsesssion
And this obsession has made me its own possession
Then as the day of giving hearts near,I know one thing
I will make her mine even if she is away,married,or dying
Now the day has come to claim whats mine
I bring a knife instead of flowers when we intertwine
Some people will think its a crime but to me its divine
And no matter what it takes,I will make her my death valentine
:icontracender02:tracender02 1 1
Help Yourself
I hate this, I hate what you have become,
a monster, if I'm being lenient.
Too long have you lived, under no control,
I'd help, but only if you'd help yourself.
You said the lies would stop, they have not done,
I keep with me the letters that you sent.
You dig deeper to escape from your hole,
I'd help, but only if you'd help yourself.
Your lies and stealing left you with no home,
when you have money, it's already spent.
You traded off your life, your heart, your soul,
I'd help, but only if you'd help yourself.
You say you'll change, you've said it all before,
I see the truth, I see your lies no more.
:iconjiggibidy:Jiggibidy 12 26
Edward Gorey GashlycrumbTinies by WadeFurlong Edward Gorey GashlycrumbTinies :iconwadefurlong:WadeFurlong 204 70



United States
Hi my name is Desiree and i like to write poems. The best poem ever is "THE RAVEN" by Edgar allen poe. I hope you enjoy my poems and can relate to them. oh and comment plez :)

Current Residence: In the world i wish was real
Favourite genre of music: i got weird taste in music
Favourite photographer: my mommy
Favourite style of art: abstract.................
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: your face?
Wallpaper of choice: black with turquoise
Skin of choice: rainbow
Favourite cartoon character: Grim
Personal Quote: paint a smile on


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